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Complete Novice needs help :(


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Hope someone can help me and explain in laymans terms... I am setting up my first database and trying to use a value list to sort data into a new layout which will also hold a relationship section of data. I'm just not sure if this is possible to create.

1. My radio button set value list is simply "sold" and "unsold" - what I want is for all records with the checked "sold" button to be listed in a new layout showing all sold items automatically.

2. As well as that I want to correlate the buyer info with contacts layout, using a relationship but not sure where the original data needs to be stored or how it should be stored to transfer.

I'm not very familiar with scripting (complete novice) and not sure wether if what I'm asking is at all possible or if I am going about it the wrong way. If any of what I'm asking makes sense to anyone and they can shed some light I would be most grateful.

Am guessing something needs to be global and calculated but get a little confused on what and why... feel free to laugh at me but I am trying...


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Can you give us more info on the set up of your database, what you wish to accomplish or a copy of the file itself? It is a lot easier when we can see what you are trying to do.


How many tables






Everything you described is doable, we just can guide you better if we understand your structure and your goals.


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This topic is 6470 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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