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Browse with web viewer

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Hi guys,

I dont know if this is even possible but I thought I would give it a shot.

I am using the web viewer to display pdf files. I have an input screen that the user will enter the path of the file. Is there a way to have a "browse" button that will open up a dialog box, so the user can find the file and click on it and have the path entered for them? I have been doing alot of trouble shooting because my users aren't very good at typing in the path of a new file. I have made it as easy as I can by using filepath and keeping the pdf's in the same file as the filemaker file so they just have to type the path from the filemaker file and they still have trouble. It is usually something simple like leaving off the extension or a slash. Is this possible in 8.5? Thanks in advance.

Hope springs eternal


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Not with out a plugin. There are several file related plugins you could try Productive Computing's FileManipulator, or Troi File, there are a few others.

This would provide you a dialog that allows your users to navigate to a folder or file where can choose the file. The script could put the returned path in to a global field.

I just got done doing this for a solution today.

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actually you can do this

create 2 fields a text field "path" and global Container field "gFile"

then your script using the insert file command will allow the user to choose the file from their buried location.

Then set the "path" field to that of the "gFile" then clear the "gFile" field

The result would be something like this...


filemac:/Clients/Project Group/OakWood/pdf/unit_2b.pdf

you then would need to parse out the pieces you need or substitute the path you require.

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This topic is 6437 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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