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tweaking fx.php - character encoding question

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This is an advanced topic and I need some help to sort our character encoding for fm5/6 data.

This is centered around iso-8559-1 vs utf-8

To send data successfully to an FM5/6 database requires iso-8559-1 encoding.

Example: when creating a new record [FMNew() ] Québec is entered into the filemaker database as Qu@A#5bec if the encoding is UTF-8. When the encoding is iso-8559-1 Québec is entered as Québec.

Now the question:

If a person with a browser set to default coding UTF-8 override my page settings (ISO-8559-1) and still enter garbage characters into the database?

I tested with Safari set to UTF-8 and it did override my page settings.

So now to the guts: é = %E9 under iso-8559-1 and %C3%A9 under UTF-8

In other words: How can I fix the URL string FX.php creates to be ISO characters in these cases.

An example URL string


In FX.php there are xml_parser and ExecuteQuery () and Characterencoding that may need to be tweaked - but I need to know which functions might need to be tweaked so this clears the data.

This may be a minor bug in FX.php for case='fmpro5/6' that needs to be looked at.

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I may have solved this - but still thinking there are ways of handling data within fx.php for older filemaker versions.

1. My Apache 2.2 was defaulting to UTF-8 (I changed it to iso-8559-1 and things are working)

2. In the PHP.ini file you can uncomment a default character heading and set it to iso-8559-1

That being said, I think within fx.php in the case 'fmpro5/6' section, you might be able to set the character coding there and have it handled no matter what your Apache, ISS or PHP defaults are...

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This topic is 6456 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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