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Moving information between portals


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To anyone who can help;

APPLICATION: FileMaker Pro 4.1

PROBLEM: Scripting a button

SCENARIO: There are 3 relational files. PI (Product Inventory), I (Invoice), and LI (Invoice Line Items).

'I' contains 2 portals, one for "PI" and one for "LI". While in "I", I want to click on a field "Model No" in the "PI"

portal and paste it in the "Model No" field in the "LI" portal. I want the paste function to happen in the next

available empty "Model No" field in the "LI" portal.

I would also like to know if there is an efficeint way to delete portal rows from the main file.

I extend my thanks in advance for any support.

binkel @excite.com

Fax: 860-563-8421

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The only trick in pasting an item from one portal to another is controlling which portal you are in. Go to portal row takes care of the row selection once you are there. The portal/row is select with the "Go to field" scrpt step followed by the "Go to portal row" script step.

There are really two options for this whole process:

1) Don't use portals at all for the addition of a product to an invoice. Write a script in LI that creates a new record, sets up the index to associate the record with the correct invoice in "I", and sets the product number to the correct value. I wouldn't use cut and paste for this, use "Set Field". You can create global fields in "I" and access them from LI using a constant relationship (calculated field = 1 in "I" related to calculated field =1 in "LI"). Create two global fields and use one to pass product number and the other to pass the index for the invoice.

2) The other option is to use "set field" and "Go to portal row" to accomplish the creation using two portal in "I".


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This topic is 7759 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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