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Help getting .csv files into fmp


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Help getting .csv files into fmp

Hi everyone

I am trying to get some PC .csv files into FMP 5.5 on a MAC OS X.

when I try import or open "all available" the file is dimmed out.

I am guessing I need to upgrade my FMP. I was wondering should I go just to FMP 6 or should I jump to 7 or 8. I do not really have the need to have the latest and greatest and I will still have to use 5.5 because this is what we use at work on OS 9 PPC machines.

I really did not want to go to a file conversion program or open in excel because I wanted to use apple script to get this info in, and this would be a daily import so less steps would be best.

Your tips or suggestions would be appreciated


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I tried text wrangler and it would not open it, Dimmed out. I do not have BBedit.

I did open it in ICexcel just to check it out and I am able to convert it from icexcel to bring it into FMP but that added a lot of work to do that on a regular basis. I needed something a bit smoother.


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Hi Joe,

Can you attach a sample of the file?

Do you have access to the original program and its exports?

[tab]If so, have you tried other export formats to see what they do?

I have never had a text file that I couldn't open with BBEdit or TextWrangler. Sometimes I had to drag the file over the icon for TextWrangler to get it to open, and sometimes the file had a lot of unnecessary garbage along with the data, but I could see the data.

I see by the description of ICExcel (Google search), that it will see, or open Excel and AppleWorks files. Did you try the Excel Option?

When it comes right down to it, you may be stuck with the process you are basically doing now. You may be able to use AppleScript to automate the process some, but someone else will have to help you with the AS part of it.

It has been my experience that moving data from one application, or platform, to another is rarely a simple process. More often then not, at some point in the process, you will have to tweak the data some it order to get what you want in FileMaker.



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Textwrangler will open all if I drop them onto its icon.

Thanks for this tip.

If I do save as with unix line breaks FMP will bring them right in. They look good as far as data and format.

Secondly I tried dropping some onto the FMP icon and doing this will open some and others FMP seems to lock up. the ball keeps spinning.

The files that I have trouble with I do not have control of the saved format I down load from the web.

sample file



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This topic is 6450 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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