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Hello forum

I am trying to create a navigation the i can use on every page my book says set a table up, then put a field inside the table make it a container and global i have done this, then place your buttons, logo etc inside the field with the scripts all set up,. then you can just drag the field onto any page like as you would do with a web page header but i am having trouble getting this to work the field just appears blank if i try to make a relationship to another table the field is greyed out. this technique saves you pasting multiple buttons into layouts all you do is paste the field with all your buttons into the header of each page then when you come to edit all you have to do is edit 1 field and the whole database will update accordingly.

so has anyone got any tips on how i do this



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Thanks for the example Stuart but i am not very advanced and struggling.

my situation.

i am using the "creative pro pack" in that it has a table called resources there are fields for my company logo and address i can paste these fields into any page and they work. so i made a new field within this table called it G_nav, i then proceded to make a banner with all my links and scripts but when i pull this field into the page they do not show ? nor do the links/scripts work. i looked at your fiel and cannot see where you are pulling your button from.

i will try to post an example later if i cannot figure this out.

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There are 2 Tables in this database:

1. “Button”

2. “Database”

You can see them here: File > Define > Database > Tables

Button Table

There are 2 Fields:

gButton - A Container Field with Global ticked under Storage

(gButton contains your button image - it is only an image that looks like a button)

Dummy - A Text Field with no data in it.

Database Table

There are 3 Fields:

Field_1 ... 3

These contain your normal data

How to get the gButton in the Button Table to show on the Database Table

Go To: File > Define > Database > Relationships

You will see your 2 Tables

Click the add new relationship and a window will appear.

(it is the second button bottom left)

On the left choose the Button Table

Then highlight the Dummy Field

On the right choose the Database Table

Then highlight any selectable field (i chose Field_1)

The important bit is in between these two ... you see the “=” sign it must be changed to the “x” sign ... this means that all fields in Button Table relate to Database Table (whatever data they contain).

Now click add

in the box below your relationship appears...

Dummy ..... x ..... Field_1

Click OK then OK again to get out of Define

Add the button picture to the layout

On your Database Layout (with Field_1 ... 3 on it) enter Layout Mode

Now choose: Insert Field

A window will appear.

Change Current Table to “Button” (under the greyed out “Related Table”

You can now choose gButton to add to your layout.

Resize it and put it in the right place.

Make gButton field into an actual button

Select the “:P:gButton” Field in layout mode

Choose Format > Button Setup...

A window will appear

Select the Action you wish your button to perform then click OK


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Stuart thanks for your time spent on your answer, and i think i have cracked it, what i done was copy your Gbutton multiple times added a picture in browse mode in each Gbutton and then a button set up added my options all works well i then went to new layout pasted my layout from button into the layout it worked.

now the problem if i go back to the button layout and say changed the script associated to the button it does not update on the "header Layout" so nearly there just missing something.

i have attatched a revised file if you care to take a look

thanks for your time



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Why would a button be attached to the gButton Field in the Button Database ... its just the place you stick the images - there is no button attached on that layout in my original file.

It is the image on the header layout that needs a button attached.

Buttons are individuals. If you want there behavour to change you have to do it to each button individually.

I gave you the directions so that you could try building it from scratch ... if you do not do this or do not attempt to understand how it hangs together i would have been wasting my time and you will be too.

Once you get to grips with it you may want to look at posts on the Scripts forum so that you can attach the "Perform Script" action to your button instead of a simple filemaker action.

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Thanks Stuart when i get time i will follow your instructions that you posted it feels like my brain is going to explode, again thanks for your answer and good advice.


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Which book says you can put a button in a container AND have it work?

Using FileMaker 8 Special Edition, page 358

see attachment this is what i am trying to do


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I am afraid you are misreading the authors' intention. To your credit, they ARE using the term "button" rather ambiguously. You can put a [color:blue]graphic element into a container, but it will not retain its definition as a [color:blue]Filemaker button - i.e. it won't be clickable.

What you CAN do, is define the container field itself as a button. Or, IMHO preferable, place an invisible button (a Filemaker shape) over the field and group them together.

See the attached for an example. BTW, you don't need a relationship to show GLOBAL fields on another's table layout.


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Hey Comment,

Thanks for your input.

Must admit that your example is much clearer than mine. Think i made situation worse by calling everything a button too.

Thanks for pointing out the lack of relationships required this had passed me by since i have upgraded and its been quite a while, gonna make a big difference.

Old habits die young! :P

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Comment, thanks for clarifying this for me and the great example you posted, filemaker is becoming easier each and every day for me.


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This topic is 5790 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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