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Qns on global field & timetable

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Global Field

I have a layout, A, using global fields to verify first before saving into the table. There is a 'New' button scripted to clear all gFields so that user can input new entry. There is another layout, B, with similar functions, sharing some gfields too, which the 'new' button script includes.

So saying two users are each using one layout. If the 'New' script is performed while layout B is ongoing, will it affects?

Have been building the database on a comp, no chance to try it on multiple comps. Need to know this before proceeding.


Which is a good way to create a timetable? Its an optional to my current database but will be more efficient to the user if i can incorporate this.

It involves scheduling my buses. Each record involves an arrival and departure date & time of a group. Right now, i need to assign my bus to the timeslot, making it unavailable for that date and time only. With a total of eight buses, i may require to rent external buses if my own buses are fully unavailable. Hope someone can point me to the right path here.

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This topic is 5766 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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