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Some help please

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I have Dreamweaver 8 (Mac) and FMStudio configured.

We have our own FileMaker Pro Advanced Server (on an XServe). Currently, all our databases are on the web using XML (difficult to say the least).

I am trying to connect with Dreamweaver/FMStudio, but I don't have something set up correctly.

Following the videos (nice) and user guide, I can get to the point where I connect to the server, and press the Test button which tells me I have a connection, but nothing appears in the databases window.

Do I need to actually install something on the FileMaker Pro Advanced Server machine to make this work? Do I need to download something from FileMaker (PHP API) and install?

Do I create the php files in the WebServer/Documents folder (none of my xml files are there), or in the same place as my xml files, which are all in an xslt-template-files folder on the server?

thank you

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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your question. There is a forum with about 500 post on FMStudio answering a bunch of these configuration questions at: http://fmwebschool.com/frm/index.php?board=24.0

But, lets try to help you out!

This post goes into great detail to answer your question : http://fmwebschool.com/frm/index.php?topic=586.0

This will get you going.

Also, yes, when you create your website, under the commands menu item, you will need to install either FX.php or the new API for PHP. FMStudio will take care of the installation for you.

In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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This topic is 5742 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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