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i wish. . .

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i wish i could figure out this Claris Home Page (CDML) stuff as easily as i did filemaker. But, hey, it's not my fault the program is very un-user friendly, even if the tags are supposed to be easy to understand.

Actually i was just wondering how in the world to make a field required. We all know it can be done, besides on the -error pages, there is always a place for "required info missing." I looked in the help contents and index, but there was nothing there (didn't suprise me).

I'm not overly impressed with CDML and Home Page, but it's all i have right now. Dreamweaver Developer's on its way though, and it's supposedly compatible with FM. Let's hope it's put together better!

Any help would be appreciated.

Venting Frustration


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okay, i forget to mention something (in my haste and frustration) I'm not wanting the new record page to have required values, though your solution works, i'm needing required fields on a search page.

For example, say there are three fields on the search page, a Company field and Name field and a email field. And i wanted the Company field to be required so that individuals can only search their company records.

now i know what your thinking, why don't i just have different databases for each company. Well, the example i gave above is just an example. The db i'm working with has nothing to do with what i wrote above. But the solution would be the same.

The Last Post Was In Haste


(ever notice how it seems like i'm writing to dear abby or something when i sign my name like that, that's pretty sick of me, maybe i'll stop........nah)

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When you define a field in FM 4.1 there is a button called "Options...". Under the Options dialog box there is a Validation tab.

Make sure there is a check-mark in the box next to "Not Empty" (near the top) and "Strict" (near the bottom).

I don't know of any CDML tags that will make a field required when it is not defined that way in the database... frown.gif

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This topic is 8749 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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