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alternate portal highlighting


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I've got a portal in my app that's a selector - user clicks on a row, and that determines what is displayed elsewhere on the screen.

I've got now problem making this work in general. My question is about visuals for the selection portal itself.

Normally I might go with the native portal highlight, or script a container field in the protal to change the background. However, some rows in the portal will already have a different background color, as this is used as a visual metaphor in the app (for newness). Not open to suggestions to change that.

So I need an alternate method of highlighting a row, that doesn't involve the background color.

I'm looking both for technical advice, as well as general UI/visual design advice. What would look good, first of all, that also wouldn't be too hard to create.

Thoughts I've had include:

* a bold line around the selected item (probably by using a slightly larger container field behind the one that's already there)

* changing text to bold or another color

* icon (although I think this wouldn't be noticeable enough)

Who's got some bright ideas?


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Cant you have a different background color for the one that was selected and the one that you use for newness? You would most likely want the selected color to override the one marked new if it is selected.

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This topic is 5692 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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