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here I am again...

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two things concerning the CDML mail tags. First off, it never works. Our SMTP host is not local, could this be the problem? I can set up a local host, but i'd rather not, but if this probably the problem then i'll do it. I've done it various ways that i got straight off help articles and the such so it should work.

Second thing, when i was running my tests to see if i could get it to work, it all of a sudden starts crahsing my FM. It didn't do this until today, and i've worked on it before with out these problems. That's obviously bad, but on the bright side, maybe that means something is actually happening now!


The Boy With All The Problems,


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First thing is to configure Web Companion to do detailed logging. Check the log, it'll give you good clues as to what the problem might be.

The good news: I have got mail to work. It's hard because no error messages pop up to tell you what went wrong, you gotta go through the logs manually (see above).

Bad news: things might vary with your mail server configuration. Mine is on the same network if that matters, but it is *very* particular about mail addresses and rejects any it doesn't like or instantly recognise. For instance, if I specify the -MailFrom as ...

Server Admin <[email protected]>

...it doesn't work, the mail server rejects it because (in my theory) Web Companion doesn't authenticate itself when it sends mail and the server gets suspicious when doesn't recognise the "Server Admin" bit. But if I change the -MailFrom to ...

[email protected]

...then everything goes fine.

I did discover something interesting (maybe I was just slow) that may help you. When I tried to send a mail message to multiple recipients I'd use the tag...

<imput type="hidden" name="-MailTo" value="[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]">

...note that I was stringing together multiple addresses separated by commas in the one -MailTo tag, just like I did with my mail program Eudora.

Well, it doesn't work that way. The -Mailto (and other -Mail) tags can only have one email address in them. Iinstead of stringing them together inside one tag, use multiple -MailTo tags each with a single address inside it...

<imput type="hidden" name="-MailTo" value="[email protected]>

<imput type="hidden" name="-MailTo" value="[email protected]>

<imput type="hidden" name="-MailTo" value="[email protected]>

... when I discovered this I was actually doing it with -MailBCC but the theory is the same regardless (I used a portal to send mail to e-mail addresses on related records).


Just a quick thought -- all the mail addresses are valid on the server aren't they? One bad address might cause the whole lot to fail.

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This topic is 8737 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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