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hyperlink to text documents

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Hello, can't seem to find where I can add a hyperlink to a field or text. Would like to add a link (or a couple) to certain documents (word and pdf). And show these links in a record / field. This Mainly to have easy access to the documents. one click on the hyperlink and the document opens in a new window? Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Dutchy

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You can use Open URL or Send Event. You can make a field the button and then call the script.

Depending on where the file is located you might need to set the path to a temp variable first and then use that variable as the path.

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Here is a way to make hyperlinks that are in records, not part of the layout. (That is, the hyperlink that appears, if any, will be specific to a given record).

1. Create a text field to hold hyperlink text; put field into layout Body (formatted as color, bold underlined).

2. Create a script ["S"] to parse according to a unique record ID. (A bunch of If... Else's)

For each parsed case in script S put desired action: Open a particular document, open a Window, perform another script, etc.

3. In Browse, for a record, insert text for the hyperlink.

4. In the layout, format the hyperlink field as a button that calls script S.

5. Seems like for other records you must awkwardly disable the button in order to add text without triggering the script, then re-assign the field to Script S.

6. When done you probably should limit entry to this field in Browse mode.

Tho this approach works, perhaps someone knows a cleaner approach.

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