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How to create a Serial Key?

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Hallo to all,

I have created a database with about 5 objects. For my main object, which is "school", I would like to set a serial key, as every school is unique and occurs only one time and has different related objects (like teachers, courses etc.)

Therefore my question: Is it possible, that FM generates in one column automatically one serial key for every school in the "school"-file? And that key should not erasalble or changeable.

As every school is unique, there just has to be one key number for one record in the school object. Then I would like to use those key numbers as matching file to link my school file to other objects through realtionships.

Many Thanks from Uganda

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If I understand you correctly, you are just trying to create a serial key correct? Create a number field and while still in the define fields popup, click on options. There will be one for serial number and prohibit modification of value.

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