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Match fields based upon calculations

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Is there a way to establish a relationship based upon a calculation?

I would like the criteria for a "match" to be if a quantity field is greater than (1).

If, for example, the quantity of drawers in a cabinet is greater than zero the match field criteria would validate and a portal would display.

In this example the quantity of drawers could be 1,2, 3 or 4.

Is this possible?


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I'm unsure of your structure but yes. Create a calculation (cDrawers) in your main table, number = 1. Create a relationship from this main table to your child table as:

Main::cDrawers :less: Child::DrawerNumber

You first say quantity greater than one and later indicate 1, 2, 3 and 4 should show. Adjust that calc as needed. If this is filtering an existing relationship, you can do so as well as

Main::ProjectID = Child::ProjectID


cDrawers :less: Child::DrawerNumber

If this doesn't meet your need, we'll need a bit more information as to your existing structure.

UPDATE: If your drawer quantity is an aggregate function then NO, it can't be used as the child side of the relationship. Is the drawer number a standard number?

LaRetta :wink2:

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Thanks to both of you.

This looks just like what I am looking for.


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