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Mike J

Recursive Code Generator

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Hope everyone is well. Been working hard on creating some personal DB and came across a need that I can't figure out.

Recursive Calculation that generates a code.

Two Tables:


Line Item

I have several line items related to an order. I have field in the order table that (Scripting/Recursive Calc) will look at several fields in a line item and generate a CSV for that line item.

(Example below of two line items strung together).

[color:blue]DLFP,Probe 1,6ACTGTGCATACCCATAGCGT[3BQ1],0.2,HPLC,ShipComplete


One thought to generate the code would be to step through it using a script to set a order code field in the order table. I was wondering if there was simpler way using a calc field in the order table to filter through each line item through a portal relationship.


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You could generate each line in a calculation field in LineItems. Then put them together in another calculation field in the Order table = List ( LineItems::calcfield ).

If this intended for export, you might be disappointed.

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Thanks Comment...

Did the list and it works, but will use the information for cut paste into a web browser field.



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I have the Advanced version, what would be your custom function?

Is there a problem with List (Field;{Field} when using commas?

I used your directions, made the calc in list table and used the List Function to pull that info in?


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