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InLineAction and Delete

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Yes, Web Security db allows delete. I guess I'm confused because the results file that contains the inlineaction is a result of a search for a specific file. The [FMP-CurrentRecID] tag works outside of the inlineaction tag but it will not work inside of it. I've even tried carrying the record ID value to the inlineaction via token, from one inline (-find) to another (-delete) and while the -find inline works fine, the -delete one doesn't, even when they are nested or on the same level.

At any rate, thanks for replying.

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I have a database in which after a user does a successful find, the results page contains the following code:


[FMP-InlineAction: -db={FMP-CurrentDatabase}, -lay={FMP-CurrentLayout}, -format{FMP-CurrentFormat}, -recid={FMP-CurrentRecID}, -delete] [/FMP-InlineAction]

Can anyone tell me why this code, and about 1,000 other variations of it I've tried do not work. I can take the same code and change it to a find, pointing to a specific field and it will work, or I can hard code it and it will work (delete), but it will not work otherwise. The most consistant error I get is -1

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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I don't know if this helps but I have found that web companion and fmpro 5 have a problem with delete over the web. After a few it just stops working. You get the results page and you think everything has worked fine but you look in the database and nothing has been deleted. Stop fmpro 5 and try the same link again and it will delete the file, but after a few it will go back to not deleting. I have had to resort to using viewable as a field and just editing the record to switch that from yes or no. Then adding viewable=yes into all my search criteria.


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This topic is 7716 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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