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Data Loads with Page

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Is there a way to have FMP data load into a page, without a redirect html page, or some sort of user action, like a button press on a form?

Meaning a user visits a page, the page loads the FMP data, on page load.

Reason being, I can do this with a redirect page, however if someone bookmarks the page without the initial redirect page, the user will see the CDML tags instead.

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I suppose you are right, however this is the index page for the site. And that would be one ugly bookmark.

I would like (if possible) to have this be a transparent process, as this is only a small part of this particular page.


On a similar note, does anyone know if Golive's Dynamic Link works with FMP? The manual only mentions SQL, and ASP.

This may be the solution if it works with FMP.

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I use a redirect page as the default (index) to load a FMP generated page. If you go that route, you could have a link on the FMP generated page to the redirect page (http://home.com/, for example) with instructions to create a bookmark: "Right mouse click on link and select Add Bookmark". If the title for the redirect is "Home" or whatever, that is all that will be listed for the bookmark - in Netscape, anyway.

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**My Solution**

In order for my page to get it's data, and not be seen by the user when they visit, I used a frameset. Not the most elegant way to get the data, but effective nonetheless. So I created an index.html page with two frames (for some reason one alone wouldn't work) The first frame is one pixel in size and calls on an empty html page (empty.html) I used a grey background for this page to make it blend in with the browser window. Then the second frame is full size (scale) and calls on my results page, that grabs the FMP data.

The user never sees any of this happen, and the URL in the browser never changes.

Here is my source code (generic)

Keep in mind, you'll need to change some things in your path to the results.html page depending on how many records you want to view. In my case, it's only one (max=1)

NOTE: The smily face should be a colon ":" and the letter "p"



<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1">

<title>Welcome to My Site</title>


<frameset rows="*,1">

<frame src="http://password tongue.gif" border="0ublic@IP Address/foldername/FMPro?-db=database.fp5&-format=results.html&-max=1&-find" name="Site_Main" noresize>

<frame src="empty.html" name="Empty" noresize scrolling="no">



<body bgcolor="#ffffff">





[ July 13, 2001: Message edited by: drdigital9 ]

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Originally posted by JLL:

How about using SSI and Web Server Connector? Is that possible?

WSC is supposed to support Server Side Includes but I can't find any documentation anywhere.


JLL you are spamming us with the same question!

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This topic is 8407 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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