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FileMaker Server 9 Requirements

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In reading the "FileMaker Server Getting Started Guide", I noticed that the requirements went up significantly for FMS9 from 8.04.

I have a question regarding the hard drive space. It states it needs a minimum 80 GB. I am assuming that this is for both App and Data since that number seems rather large. Is this the case?

Perhaps Steven will chime in and confirm.

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The specification of 80+ GB of harddrive space is a suggestion, the full size of the installation is roughly around 850 MB's. This does not include your databases or the cache size that you allow for those.

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I typically use a 3 drive configurtion. Drive 1 is for the OS and the services and swap file. Usually 36 GB.

Drives 2 and 3 are each 72 GB and are for the databases and the local backups respectively.

If I expect significantly larger databases, Drive 1 is 72 GB, and drives 2 and 3 are 300 GB each.

BTW, SCSI or SAS drives only.



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