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Does anyone know how to manipulate this CDML from the Filemaker web-site to reflect the following?

My results page only shows 1 record at a time, this one is set up for 25 per page. I have tried changing all the numbers to one, then 1, 2, 3 etc. However no luck.

<--From the Filemaker web site-->

The CDML that creates this on your web page is this:

<P><B><</B>[FMP-IF: Rangestart .gt. 1]




<FONT COLOR="#666666">Previous</FONT>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 0]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=0">1</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 25]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=25">2</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 50]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=50">3</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 75]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=75">4</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 100]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=100">5</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 125]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=125">6</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 150]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=150">7</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 175]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=175">8</A>

[/FMP-IF] [FMP-IF: CurrentFoundCount .gt. 200]

| <A HREF="[FMP-Link: k]&-skip=200">9</A>



[/FMP-LINKNEXT]<B> ></B></P>

<--Filemaker Code Ends Here-->

<--Link to page in question--> http://tidb.filemaker.com/TI/FMPro?-db=ti.fp5&-lay=list&-sortfield=datemod&-sortorder=descend&article=record%20navigation%20&-token.0=record%20navigation%20&-token.1=13&-find=&-for mat=detail.html&-recid=33033

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This link is the page on the Filemaker site that I got the original code, so it has nothing to do with my problem.

http://tidb.filemaker.com/TI/FMPro?-db=ti.fp5&-lay=list&-sortfield=datemod&-sortorder=descend&article=record%20navigation%20&-token.0=record%20navigation%20&-token.1=13&-find=&-for mat=detail.html&-recid=33033


And I did have that code wrapped inside Record tags at the time of testing.

Thank you though

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This topic is 8401 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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