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Can't open files with FMS 9 Dev.

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I've just installed a developer copy of FMS on an XP Home-SP2 box. The computer meets all the requirements except it has a 2.8Mhz processor instead of the 3.4 or so that is listed as the minimum (I figure I'm limited to 3 users anyway so hopefully it doesn't matter).

I downloaded the installer using a different computer then moved it to the 'server'. When trying to run the installer, it would crash the OS. I tried downloading the installer directly from the FM site and have it save on the server. It still crashed the server. I then downloaded the installer setting it to Run rather than Save and this worked. (Evidence of a problem?)

I moved 1 file to the server to open it and the status was Normal however when I opened it on a client, the Admin Console crashed. I realized I should have moved 2 files over (it's a 2 file solution) so I rebooted and moved the second file.

Now the two files remain 'Closed' and won't open. The FMServer_Sample file opens fine. When I try to close and reopen all files, I either get an error saying that I have exceeded my 3 client limit or the console crashes.

Likewise selecting options such as Remove does nothing as well.

Any ideas? - Thanks

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The files may have become corrupted. Have you tried running a save as copy as compacted on Pro client and then putting it back on server to see if will reopen? If is has become corrupted, I hope that you have a backup just in case.

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Thanks for the answers. As it ends up my glasses were dirty and I didn't see that XP Pro is required (I installed on XP Home)

If any readers here are not members of FMPug, I suggest looking into it for RealTech. FMForums and FMPug are undisputably two must have resources in the FM world. I bring this up because that's where I got the answer to my question and I got it in about 2 minutes. RealTech is a very well filtered Listserve that can get some very fast-and-furious debates going.

Vodka - Also a VERY good white paper. I just glanced through it so far but everything I saw I agree with. Likewise I share, what at a glance looks like the author's opinion, that no matter how small a solution is, do it right from the start.

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This topic is 6176 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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