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Banning members (here and other forums)

Ocean West

This topic is 6093 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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FM Forums freely welcomes all FileMaker enthusiasts to join to ask for advice expand your education and reciprocate by sharing your knowledge with others. This dynamic exchange is what makes the FileMaker community like this grow and become a indispensable resource.

Like any family we all have a variety of talents, verbal written communication and tact is vital to keep this family from being dysfunctional. Due to inadvertently typing something on a whim or with out engaging your thinking faculties.

Please take utmost care when engaging others keeping in mind that english may not be their native language and idioms and innuendo may not translate. Causing rift and bad feelings amongst members.

FM Forums has it's own terms and policies which can be found here I implore all to read it and keep it in mind when you are participating.

As a the administrator of this site since our beginning I can count on one hand the number of accounts I have permanently banned, due to flagrant disregard to the rules. Only a few others have been put on the naughty chair until they cool off and or apologize and promise to uphold the rules.

Moderators have on occasion censored posts or moved them from public view when they violate the rules, and or provide no value or content to the collective focus of this site.

Regarding other sites, and their policies - well that's for them to explain and enforce as they see fit — as justly or unjustly as it may seem.

I empathize with any who feel they have been wronged by someone outside this community. And I understand that you wish to vent over your frustration. Since it is out of our control, and detracts from our other topics and primary focus. Please lets refrain from these type of posts.

We are not trying to censor people but at the end of the day we'd rather have people enjoying our site as you participate in discussing FileMaker Pro.

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I don't know about this, Stephen. I didn't like some of the posts that appeared here either - but I believe the issue is important to the entire Filemaker community and it needs to be discussed somewhere. The fact that it cannot be discussed where it should be discussed IS the issue. I don't think we can sweep it under the rug and pretend nothing happened.

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This is not a reprimand to any involved, but it seemed like this weekend that was all that was being discussed. The root of the matter is the result of personality conflicts of a few individuals, be it egos, lack of caffeine or what not.

I am trying to be as diplomatic here allowing freedom of speech but to what point? What would you have me do?

By allowing this thread to continue the recent topics to turn in he said she said drama :Violin: - in the end it doesn't really provide anything productive. New people would just see a lot of bickering. And think that we all need a group session in therapy.

A cooling off period would go a long way to getting back on track.

Can't we all just get along? :beer:

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I understand your concerns, although I believe you are mistaken about the root of the matter being personal. Not for me anyway - and I was one of the participants in the controversy.

True, a large part of the discussion here digressed from the real issue, and unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation circulating around in private messages, unjustly hurting some people's reputations - including, to some extent, my own. I would have preferred to deal with this in the open and set the record straight on what really happened, but I won't insist on it.


P.S. Ender is Mike - I am Michael. ;)

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Yeh, I probably wouldn't have made it vanish... maybe locked it down, but vanishing is sooo, avoisionist (yes i realize that's not a word).

P.S. There wasn't really any FM discussion going on because it was a Sat / Sunday and not many questions usually come up on those days.

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