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We're Fine. [San Diego Fires]

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Just an update. I am fine, I did not have to evacuate, even though I was two blocks from the Mandatory evacuation zone. And the Del Dios / Lake Hodges fires are only about 1 -2 miles from me.

Brent (LiveOak) was evacuated from Fallbrook/Rainbow (Rice fires) and he is fine. The fire came close to his place but fortunately looks like the homes on his street were spared.

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I am glad that all is as well as can be expected.

I grew up in forest fire country in Northern Ontario, Canada.

My brother was a forester and at one time chief fire control officer for the Province of Alberta for awhile.

The area where I grew up was the scene of the Cochrane fire around 1912. This fire travelled about 100 miles and had the distinction of killing more people than any other fire in Canadian record. The only transportation in the area at the time was the train, which drove through the fire to evacuate people.

It seems that much of my life has had something to do with forest fires. Even now that I no longer live in that area, I still am not fond of the smell of wood smoke.

My heart goes to all those affected. Hopefully, the area will get the help it needs to get back on it's feet quickly.


Dave McQueen

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This topic is 6082 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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