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Hard Return versus Enter?

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I have a user who continues to use the "Return" key instead of the "Enter" key after populating a field with a PO Number. The result of this is that subsequent searches fail to see a match between the fields containing "PO123" and "PO123" because of the hard return character in the field.

How can I set up FMP 8.5 Advanced to ignore trailing hard returns in a field for the purposes of content comparison? (I can't merely compare the values of the first X characters because the field must be very dynamic, as the PO Numbers being entered are from a variety of external customers and have no set format, structure, etc.)

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There are a couple of things that you could do. First, set the PO field to auto-enter calc using the custom function Trim4 ( see here ). It trims all trailing spaces and returns. Also, you can set the behavior of the field to go to next object on Enter Return and Tab.

PS: Update your forum profile to reflect that you have FM8.5A

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One question about custom functions: does a custom function reside at the application level or at the document level? That is, if I install a custom function into a specific file and then give that document to someone else running the same version of FMP, will the custom function be available to them when they open my file in their copy of FMP?

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Hi Rock,

If you have trouble figuring it out, let us know.

Basically, Just follow the way you see it in the page of your Browser. I made a Help file for myself of all these, so that I could search and test some of them.

Using this CF as an example: Start by opening the page in your browser for the CF, and the File you are going to use it in. In the File,

Go to: File >> Define >> Custom Function >> [color:blue]New

Enter in the blank boxes:

Function Name:

[color:blue]Trim4 hint: don't put the brackets

Function Parameters:

[color:blue]Text hint: be sure and click on the + after you enter the Parameter

Trim4 (text) hint: Be sure and capture the complete calculation. To do this, use the Button at Brian's site that says [color:blue]Select All


C1 = PatternCount ( "  ¶"; Left ( text; 1 ));

Cn = PatternCount ( "  ¶"; Right ( text; 1 ));

Ca = C1 + Cn ];

If ( Ca;

Trim4 ( Middle ( text; 1 + C1; Length ( text ) - Ca ) );

Text )


Hit the Okay button, and then Okay again.

You can use this in a new New Field (calculation, text results), or as an [color:blue]Auto-Enter Calculated Value. To access the CF, it is now available in the "Specify the Calculation" Edit Box, under the Drop Down Menu All Functions by Name >> Custom Function (second from the bottom) in.

In this case, I would use the [color:blue]Auto-Enter Calculated Value. Don't forget to [color:red]Deselect the box below the Calculated Value labeled, Do not replace existing value (if any)



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This topic is 6073 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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