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What if FileMaker & PHP is too slow?

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I've been reading about FileMaker and PHP and trying to get a good idea of its strength and weaknesses and it brought up some questions.

What do you do after your site develops so much traffic that it begins too really slow down? I guess my questions are.

1• Do you have to ditch FileMaker at that point?

2• Can you keep FileMaker and go to something for the web that is more robust?

3• If you have to fully dump FileMaker from the web standpoint. Can you download the information from the new web source and still use FileMaker for report building etc?

4• At what point is it necessary to dump FileMaker completely and use another database and if so which ones?

5• What about these large Web providers? I understand that 1&1 is the largerst provider in the world and I was reading they have a database built into their system. Would something like that work. We do not have many things that we delete from our products file but we may add anywhere from 10 to 60 products a month. Can web providers like this do the job and can you build a portal style selection device into them?

I know it’s a lot of questions and hope you don't mind answering them.

Thanks a lot,


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This topic is 6064 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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