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I doubt this has anything in it that hasn't already been done, but I've never seen a Launcher file like this.

I've made a couple of other FM Launcher files in the past but always hated having to define scripts for every single file. The Open File script step doesn't let you use a variable so I made this to get around it.

Its very ugly and extremely basic but hopefully useful to someone. There is a ton of room for improvement and I'll keep working on it to make it pretty and many enhance it a little. Any suggestions please let me know.


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I put some polish on it, hope others find it useful.

I pretty happy with it and it will save me some time when I need to get at files that I need to work on. would be interested in hearing how it might be improved.


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Found an error with the other file try this updated version.

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I added a switch that will close the launcher after a successful launch. Also some error trapping in the open file script. I also fixed the anchoring of the layout elements on the main layout.



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