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Michael Reade

Calculated Container field

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I'm trying to avoid have 4 container fields, each with a different color, and then have the calculated container field select one of those containers depending on certain conditions. This example below doesn't work, but I'm wondering if I can avoid having the additional container fields:

Case (

Item Type = "film"; RGB ( 213 ; 237 ; 245 );

Item Type = "digital"; RGB ( 207 ; 253 ; 188 );

Item Type = "silver"; RGB ( 230 ; 230 ; 230 );

Item Type = "mounting"; RGB ( 230 ; 206 ; 210 );

Item Type = "signout"; RGB ( 255; 255 ; 205 );





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Don't think you can treat a container this way as the RGB codes are for text formatting.

Can you make the field a TEXT field, suitably filled with spaces.

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You can do this with Conditional Formatting, unfortunately, it isn't available in version 7. I think it was introduced in version 8.5 (maybe 9).

The workaround in the earlier versions is to use a global field, and the number of repitations to your fill needs.

The attachment shows both ways.




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