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Dono K

Need to cross-reference records... a self-join?

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Sorry - I don't know quite where to start here, but I have a photo database and I need to cross-reference some photos that are related within the same table. (If the photo is a composite, I want to reference the foreground and background images that created it.)

i.e. In the table I have a text field called "version_name" and a photo container field called "photo". I want a drop-down menu of all images in "version_name" to select as a foreground image and then a thumbnail of that foreground image from "photo".

I assume I do this through a portal, but I can't seem to get the cross-reference correct. I really don't know where to start. If they were in separate tables, I could make it work, but this stumps me... Help?

Thanks in advance -- Don

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Forgive my inexperience with photography, but shouldn't you have a parent record?

For example, I probably would want a parent record that has details about the "collection". Then I would want to choose different pictures and assign them as foreground, background, etc.

I mean you can possibly pull it off with a self join but I think you may want a second table or perhaps may even need a third depending on your exact needs.

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