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Product Catalog Question

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Im in the process of start modifying this Product Catalog solution.

My goal is to be able to see the thumbnail and check on a box of the thumbnails that i want to generate a report to save to a pdf.

So from my understanding i need to figure out how to do 2 things.

1- i want to be able to see a list of my thumbnails and be able to click on the box. (this would signal that i want to be able to see it in a report) I want to do this because i can have 200 images in my initial report, but i want to narrow it down with a second report based on the ones that have the box clicked.

2-I have no idea how to start this script or report.. ???

Any help or ideas would help me tremendously.

Thanks for your time.


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You would want to store the record IDs of the images that you selected into a global text field as a multi-line. After you have all the ones that you want, you can use a Go to Related REcords step to only show the ones that you have selected. You have to create a new relationship for this from the global field to another TO of the image table.

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Mr vodka,

I tried numerous times and can't seem to be able and do what you suggested. Is there anyway you can lend me a hand and modify/add what you think i should do to my file and repost. I would appreciate this so much..

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