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Brendan O'D

Converting Files from Filemaker 3 to Filemaker 9

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My old system 7 Mac has expired, I have invested in a new iMac on OS 10.5, I have also bought Filemaker Pro 9

I have succeeded in extracting the Filemaker 3 files I need to CD, they are copies of the original DB files I need which were in the Filemaker folder, they are in Filemaker format, I still have the option in system 7 of exporting them to comma or tab delimited files, I can also transfer the data to Word 6 and save in that format.

Do I design a database in Filemaker 9 which is a mirror of the DB I have in Filemaker 3. What format would be the best to try and import the files into Filemaker 9 or is there another programme that I could convert into and then into Filemaker 9


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Filemaker 9 can convert .fp3 files into its own format. This is probably the best way to transfer the data, but additional work may be required on the schema - see:


and the migration white paper available from FMI site.

Often the best course is to redesign the solution from scratch, taking advantage of the new features (esp. having multiple tables in a single file), then import the data from the converted files.

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He Brendan, and welcome to the Forum,

This recent post to FM Experts, Inherited (damaged) file duplicating, Link contained some pretty good information.

This white paper was offered up, and may help you.




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