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java script

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Are you using a javascript in collaboration with a local webpage? or do you want to run a javascript inside filemaker?

I dont think you can run a javascript directly in filemaker. but If you put the javascript inside webviewer do will have a change to run the script or program you want.

My suggestion is that you run the script from a webpage. php or html.


If you got a *.htm(l) file

create a new webviewer field. and insert the path of the filepath of your javascript.

PHP / ASP / .NET /

if its a php script or ASP .Net etc,

google a "free webserver" if you dont want to have the hassle of setting up your computer as a server.

after you have installed the webserver, you place your *.php script in the local folder. and run it as http://localhost/filename.php In your Webviwer field.

I hope that helps.


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can we implement java script in file maker.if yes then where in file maker .

What is file maker. Do you mean FileMaker?

I just did a Google Search for javascript and FileMaker, and got several pages of hits. Maybe you can find help for your question there.


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