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Filemaker used with a ID Badge Maker

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I don't know if this is the right forum, but here goes. My company had a crappy database that housed employee information. This database is over 7 years old so I have replaced it with FileMaker, the problem is that the old database is connected to a Badge Machine that prints out those plastic ID Cards. Well I can't get it to talk to the database. The service tech from the badge machine (of course) blames it all on filemaker not working because it's a Mac platform (the database is housed on a mac server, but all users use a PC).

So my questions is 1), does anyone have any ideas or have run into a similar problem with FMP integrating with PC databases? and more importantly.. 2) Does anyone know of any badge / ID maker that works well with Filemaker. My company is willing to buy a new system.


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I dont think your issue is with PC/Mac but rather the badge driver / FileMaker. FileMaker can be known to not play nice with some printer drivers.

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