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services wanted Any FMP Hosts Using Citrix

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I need to have my solution hosted for my customers to access from a Citrix XenServer host.

Are there any hosting services out there doing this?

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Did you do a search for Citrix in this forum? If not, I just did and I see several Treads on this subject.

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I did this back w FMP3 and it was tricky to set up because the Citrix people didn't understand how FMP worked.

Be sure they know you still need to run FMP on a server or partitioned drive just like you would if you were hosting it over a LAN. Then the actual application that is hosted by Citrix is the CLIENT version of FMP that has to be multi-user licensed otherwise, more than one instance of it running will act as if you've used a single user license on multiple machines and FMP is smart enough not to let this work.

Usually, the company that wants to host via Citrix has their own Critrix server. I'm sure there's services that do this out there, but I'll bet you'll need to teach them about FMP and it is NOT MS Access... they'll get it wrong the first several times until they decide to listen to you.

Good luck. I think most of these types of needs have gone the way of PHP interface. Might be worth convincing your client to do this instead.

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