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David Jondreau

potential problems with this set up

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I visited a client for the first time today. They're using FM7 and have a single table, non-relational, database.

The have a "non-traditional" FM sharing set up.

The file lives on a server computer. When a user wants to open the file, they first check to see if it's already been opened by another user (via Open Remote...Local Hosts). If no user is serving the file, then they navigate to the server computer and open the file and become the host.

I'm pretty sure this is a recipe for disaster, but can someone confirm that for me and why, with FMP or KB or other references?



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"Note Avoid hosting files that are located on a remote or networked volume. For optimal performance, the file you're hosting should be on the hard disk of your computer."

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Thanks. Are there any other issues with

A) Hosting a db from a shared drive?

:P Being the host of a db and using it at the same time?

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