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Table Occurences - filtering prices according to price ranking

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Dear Forum members

I am struggling to implement the following.


Table 1: Shares (Products)

Product ID -- Name

[color:red]P1 -- BHP Billiton

Table 2: Details Share Prices as at different dates and also details the Price Source.

fPID-- Date – Price – Price Source

[color:red]P1 – 31/10/2008 – 10 – Yahoo-finance

P1 – 31/10/2008 – 10.5 – Reuters

P1 – 30/11/2008 – 10 – Yahoo-finance

Table 3: Price Sources Ranking

For a certain share (e.g P1), the user can select the ranking of price sources. That is, given several price sources at one date, the final result (table) should detail that price with the highest ranking.

E.g Lets say there are two price sources for a given share (Yahoo and Reuters). The users ranks these price sources in order of preference. If at a certain date e.g 31/10/2008, there are two price sources avalaible for the same product, then the result should take the highest ranking price source as selected by the user.

Lets assume the user selected Reuters to be the default price source, and if no other price source existed then the price as given by Yahoo finance should be sourced. So in this example; the final price as at 31/10/2008 is 10.5 as Reuters is the first ranking price source. For 30/11/2008 the price is 10, as Yahoo is the only price source avalailable.


Ideally, in Table 1 (or a TO of Table 1) I would like to have a portal or similar that displays all prices for all dates and that only details one price as at a certain date (and details that price which has the highest price source ranking as listed by the user).

I hope the above is clear enough.



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Hi Mark,

Does each user have their own set of ranking for each price source, or does this order true across all users?


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I intend to let the admin determine the pricing source order/ranking. Such that the order is tru for all users.



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