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empty rows in between


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I have a timesheet dbase where I have placed a comment field for employees to place any comments on a particular client for public viewing...the comments field will be broken down by a type field (design, install, maintain)

i have created a portal that sorts the comments so the records that have data in them will show at the top.

The problems are:

1. I'd like to only show the non-empty records (there are 800 timesheet records and maybe only 10-15 have comments attached to them)

2. Since the commments are further filed by 3 things (design, install, maintain), if their is an install comment in the design portal, it shows as empty record. So the design portal will have design records shown and in between them empty install and maintain records.

I'd like to just have the design records with non-empty comments shown in design portal and then install records with non-empty comments shown in maintenance portal, etc.

If this is possible...i'd appreciate any help...I've been able to filter records through an omit script in the timesheet database but that does not translate to the portal.


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Are you using your portals to add records?

It's about creating a relationship that will filter out all the blank lines and ignore other record types.

In the file with the data create a calculation that will be a concatination of the user id - record type - and any other criteria you wish to filter by

Then in the file you wish to create a portal to view in. create a calculation that mirrors the same thing you just created but instead of using real fields use global fields instead, you will have to create the necessary global fields.

Note all field should be a Text Result.

so when you are on a record. you fill in your globals it should populate the portal showing only the records that match the criteria that was entered into the globals.

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This topic is 7396 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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