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Selecting hidden fields

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In the image below there are two CommNonComm fields. The one at the top is a standard text field. The one below it is actually 2 fields set up as one item radio buttons. Each one of these activates a different script trigger.

As you can see, both comm and noncomm are highlighted. This could create confusion among employees.


What I would like to do is place the upper (text) field over the lower fields but I need for the script triggers to activate when I make a selection. Is there any way for FMP to see-thru the upper field yet still show a selection?

Or, is there any way to divide the upper field into two parts so whichever is selected performs the proper script?

If you suggest an If function, please be detailed. I have yet to figure those out.

As always, many thanks,


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Not sure what that means.

Let me try to explain.

I had read in another post where a user wanted to apply a sales tax to some purchases but not others. He only had one option, to tax or not to tax, so he set the field up as a radio button using a value list with only one option (tax). If he clicked the radio button it applied the tax to the sale. The lone radio button was highlighted so he knew whether the customer had paid a tax or not.

I was basically trying to do the same thing so I created two text fields with each having a one item value list (one commissioned and the other non-commissioned).

My intention was to make these fields small enough to hide behind the radio buttons of the text (lower) field so when you clicked the appropriate button it would trigger the script in the hidden field.

(I had used this trick when I placed a mask over my phone number fields so I could enter 8005551212 and it would display as (800)555-1212. As you know, to make this work, you have to make the mask field unavailable for entry.)

This worked fine except that when I selected the radio button it didn't highlight my selection so accounting would know how to get paid. Commission or Direct Bill.

I moved the text only field out of the way and clicked on each of the value-listed fields. Each did just as they were designed and ran the appropriate script(s). All was perfect except that now both (single) radio buttons are highlighted and accounting thinks we are making twice as much money.

Let me add that when I first did this, the hidden fields did not contain value lists. They contained nothing and were used only as triggers. I placed the value lists in there later.

Hope this helps...

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This topic is 4360 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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