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Please Help! 10 unique fields?


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Are you talking about unique fields or unique data entered into fields? How about a description of what you are trying to do in simple terms.

The structure of databases is such that field definitions are common to all records.


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hi.. thanks for your reply.

I've trying to create fields for the names of images which users will upload.

I'm going to use one ftp folder using Webstar's upload plug-in to allow users to upload images with their message on my message board.

On the first page it will allow them to type their message and type the names (in 10 fields) of the 10 images they would like to upload.

When this is submitted it will create a new record in my Messages.fp5 database.

They will then be taken to an upload page where they can upload the images they named earlier.

Using the names of the images I can create a direct URL path to that image.

I need the image fields to be unique to that my URL path doesn't get mixed up...

I think you can prevent replacement upload of files with the same name using Webstar....

But I have to make sure you can not create a record in the Messages.fp5 database with two image names which are the same.

Thanks for your time.....

Can you help?

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This topic is 7698 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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