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Dani Rubenstein


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I have a script that base pause in it.

after the user haze two options

a. to cancel

b. to finish and close layout.

I the button setup i select perform script and the options to resume and goto script cancel or close.

after this i still get the continue button.

What am i doing wrong?

Thank You Dani.

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Print your script to Preview and copy it, and then paste it to a Reply here.

OR, save a clone (no records) of your file, which might be the best way to handled this question and others that I'm sure will arrive.

To attach a copy of your file, follow these steps.

Step 1

Find the file on your hard drive, and zip it.

Step 2

Do not use the Quick Reply, BUT instead, choose the More Reply Option

Step 3

Click on Attached Files and this will take you to your hard drive to locate your file that you want to attach and that you previously zipped. Select the file, and then click Attach This File, and then click Add Reply.

If you should have a problem write me a private me.

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