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Numeric Keypad "Enter" doesn't work in edit box

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Is there a plug-in or a workaround to FM 11 not recognizing the Windows keyboard "enter" key on the numeric keypad for entering data into an edit box? The edit box holds a list of items which are defined by numbers. However each number needs to be separated by a return. Googling shows this has been a long time issue - I'm hopeful someone has a solution by now?

Fingers Crossed!

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Try using a script trigger using OnObjectKeystroke.

You should be able to use a trigger to capture for the Enter key and then Insert a return instead.

Try something like:

Set Variable [ $tk; Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ]

Set Variable [ $tc; Code ( $tk ) ]

If [ $tc = 10 ]

Insert Calculate Result [ Char ( 13 ) ]	 // ( You can also use Insert Text [ ] with a a carriage return )

Exit Script [ 0 ]

End If

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