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Web Security/Access Privileges

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We are currently using the Web Security database on our FMPro web server which contains about 16 databases. All of them currently are set up the same, All Users - Browse access. By problem now is that I have a database that I would like All Users allowed 'browse' access, however, would like some users to have 'create' access. I know I can just assign those users id's and passwords and that's fine, BUT, there are about 800 users that will need this access. Is there a limit of how many users I can enter?

Also, is there a way I can use the Web Security database for some databases and use the FileMaker Pro access privileges for others?

This is all for our intranet (if that matters).... Thanks!

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Web Companion *either* uses Web Security db or built-in passwords, unfortunately.

To give the "create" access to 800 people, you'll need to create 800 records in the Web Security database. Or, change over to built-in passwords and just make two passwords, one r/o and wone r/w, and let all the users share the same password.

One advantage of Web Security is that usernames are authenticated and can be easily tracked and used: with built-in passwords, the username field is not authenticated (it can be left blank with logging in) and only the password is important, so individual users cannot be traced. Unless you then make some other sort of user-tracking system, but then it's becoming almost as much work as making 800 records.

Tough call.

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This topic is 8381 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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