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Sql debug

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By accident we found a w ay to debug an sql statement.


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Absolutely indispensable - thanks so much for sharing this Andries! Now we just have to find a complete list of the error messages...

A couple of things I noticed during initial testing:

- I give a field a reserved name, the error message is just "There is an error in the syntax of the query.".

- There can of course be more than one error in a statement - I'm not sure if it's possible to get a list rather than a single error, but at the very least it would be good to know in what order errors are detected.

Would be really nice if FMI could share the information they have on this, and perhaps improve the error messages even more in a future release.

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If you run regular SQL on an SQL table you just get a similar message, not any attempt to say where.. Presumably this is just a more polite version of "?"

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