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David Jondreau

Running FMS script after back up

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Any chance I can run an FMS script after a backup schedule runs? I know there's options to run FMS scripts and system scripts in conjunction, but not with a backup schedule.

I could just schedule the script to run on the same interval as the backup plus one or two minutes, but that feels inelegant.

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You can run an FMS backup schedule for the command line so yes: use a script sequence schedule that runs an OS-level script to do the backup, followed by a FM script. If the FM script can only run if the backup was successful then your OS level script needs to trap for any error and exit the OS script with a non-zero value, which will prevent the FM script from running.

Two ways of doing backups from the command line:

fmsadmin backup


fmsadmin run <schedule # --> your backup schedule>

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