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Trouble with Open File - Go to Layout Number script

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Hi, all:

The title pretty much sums-up the problem: I want to create an FMP 'shortcut' so a user can automatically go to a specific layout in an FMP file on the server, then the shortcut closes; I just can't get the syntax correct in the script.

What I have so far is:

Open File ["Student Records"]

Go to Layout [196]

...where 196 is the layout number of the form I've created.

What am I missing so that the user goes to Layout #196? As of now, the file opens just fine but after that, nada--FMP and I just exchange dumb looks at each other. (I have a sneaky suspicion it knows who the real dummy is here.)

TIA for your help!

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In your Student Records file, go under file options. There will be a place to change your opening layout.

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Heya do you mean a separate "opener" or "starter" file that would live on your users desktop or wherever which does the Open Remote faff for you?

If so...

Opener file has one script which does the following;

Open File ["Student Records"]

Close File

Change file options on this opener file so that it runs this script upon open. Next write a script in Student Records called Open/Start or whatever you fancy which goes to your layout.

Then set this script to call upon open of the file... File Options in the File menu

This way the opener file does its job, then gets out the way and then the open script will trigger on Student Records and navigate to your layout!

Hope that helps!

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