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Interesting Import question

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Hi All

How to import TextWrangler UTF8 files in FMPAdvanced12 (Mac version, Snow Leopard, 12|GB Memory)?

The files I need to import are UTF-8 files and consist in the following



Text Content

Text Content has several carriage returns which I need to keep following this structure for IMporting

StudenteName<tab> StudentID<tab>Text Content <Carriage Return>?

In TextWrangler and find-replace whatever I need to change is a snap and the result shows Carriage Returns only at the end of the record.

I need to import the TW formatted UTF8 TXT files as folder to import the Text Content as is in the Text Content field

FMPAdvanced12 doesn't understand the difference between Unix FormFeeds and regular Carriage returns

Which ecoding I need to use in FMP12 to keep the Text Content field with all the original Carriage returns?

UTF-8 doesn't WOrk

Mac neither

ASCII neither

What am I dfoing wrong?

Is there a UTF8 code I can use in Text Wrangler to convert the line feeds I need to keep so FMP12 will understand them?

Thanks a lot to any soul who will give me a hand. I get lost googling and I don't know how to solve this


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Have you tried the Tab Delimitated import options?

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