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ActiveX and C Sharp

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Just begining to explore ActiveX for FM. I have a short console program I'm using to play around with different ideas. However, I can not get the "DoFMScript" method to work. In fact there seems to be a problem with how I'm creating the document object that I can not chase down. Here is the code

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using FMPRO70Lib;

using System.Data.OleDb;

using System.Data.Odbc;

namespace ConsoleApplication1


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


FMPRO70Lib.Application FMProApp;

FMPRO70Lib.Documents FMProDocs;

FMPRO70Lib.Document FMProDoc;



FMProApp = new FMPRO70Lib.Application();

FMProDocs = new FMPRO70Lib.Documents();

FMProDoc = new FMPRO70Lib.Document();

FMProApp.Visible = 1;

FMProDocs.Open("C:\\Filemaker\\Job2.fp7", "Admin", "");

So far no problems this all works fine.




FMProDoc = null;

FMProApp = null;

FMProDocs = null;


catch(Exception ex)







This part is the showstopper. Any reference to to the document object "FMProDoc" causes a failure. The error message for this version says "Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 <RPC_E_SERVERFAULT>> at FMPRO70Lib.IFMIdocument.get.Parent<>"

What is wrong with my code?

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You initiate the FMProDoc instance here:

FMProDoc = new FMPRO70Lib.Document();

But you never assign anything to it.

Try this:

FMProDoc = FMProDocs.Open("C:FilemakerJob2.fp7", "Admin", "");

If you want to see some working code, download the source code for fmDotNet (www.fmdotnet.org). Buried in there somewhere is commented out code that uses the ActiveX interface. I don't think I ever took it out.

Oh, keep in mind that there is a bug in FM (has been ever since FM8) that if you call a script through the ActiveX interface a few times in relative quick succession (as you will do I'm sure in testing), the ActiveX interface will go deaf. At some point the script will not fire. When you see that, you have restart FM.

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