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drop down menus (HTML)

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okay kiddies. this is what i need:

two drop down menus. the items of the second menu depend on the first. it is actually a sort of submenu. for example, the first menu may have the items:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

and depending on what is selected in that first menu the second menu may have:

Eggs, Toast, Waffles


Sandwich, Soup, Pizza


Chicken, Beef, Rice

make sense? thanks in advance.


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We've had to do this before, although it wasn't web related. I hope this info is helpful anyway.

Create a separate Values File with a relationship.

File A is the File you need the drop down menus.

File V is the Values List File

In File A - create/set a global field to "top".

In File V - Field A would be "Top". Field B would be the top level menu items. Create a record for each of the top level menu items. Make sure that Field A is always "Top". (this is for the FIRST menu level)

Create a relationship from File A to File V that relates the Global Field in File A to File V - Field A. Create your top level value list based on this relationship.

2. Then, in File V, create a new record for each sub menu item. Field A is the top level menu item that the sub menu is associated with. Field B is the sub menu item. (if you are building a sub sub menu, then field A is the parent menu item, and Field B is the child menu item).

3. In File A create a relationship between the First menu item to Field A in File V. Then, base your value list for the second pull down to this relationship.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have all of your submenus in place.

I may not have done a superb job in explaining this. I can clarify if it is useful info.

Hope this helps.

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okay. i used the Javascript solution. the only problem is I am using CDML tags within the script. [FMP-record] and stuff like that. and it seems that the tags within Javascript are not being processed. is this correct? any advice?

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okay. i used the javascript and got it to work. slight modification to the problem. i want selecting an item from the second menu to follow a hyperlink. i've done this before by having <option value="URL"...

and then having a javascript function handle linking this upon selection.

however, since this second submenu is created by the javascript function you supplied above..... i'm confused. any help would be appreciated. thanks a ton,


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This topic is 8364 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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