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transmitting password/username

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So I have installed the Web Security database for my database called 'mmarts_forum'. If the user tries to mae a new entry, he is being asked by Filemaker for a username and a password.

Two things:

1. How can I ask for the username and password with a regular form instead of the pre-build option Filemaker gives me?

2. I noticed that after entering the username and password into the pre-build option the first time, I am not being asked for it again. As the website will be used by several people using the same computer, I have to find a way to force them to enter their username/password for every entry they make.

Thanks for your help!

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Alright, programing my own security system.

Let's say I've got a database with usernames and passwords in it. I know how to match them in CDML. The question I am having is how to make sure that users can't view all the content of the database?

I can't really secure this database with access privileges because the user needs read access in order to match the username/password. Or am I wrong? So how to secure it from sleazy eyes?

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My Users/clients database is not accessed directly.

User is login into "Log" database, that is comparing what is in Users and if both strings mach, the User can continue.

Simple relation with Calc field: system_name_password must be the same as in User database.

There are for sure other ways. I am using one Log database for all various systems -- hence the system field describing which system is logging in.

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This topic is 8345 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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