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Using Timbuktu for Remote Admin

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Has anyone used Timbuktu to administer an FMP 5 system? I've not used Timbuktu before, but think it would be useful in my situation. My client lives way out of town.

Would it be practical to use Timbuktu with both the client and the administrator (both Macs) connected to the internet via 56 K modems, or would this run way too slow?


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I couldn't live without Timbuktu. I have no clients closer than 100 miles, and I use Timbuktu to adminstrate everything, including uploading the files, installing software, debugging, configuring.

While the better your connection the better the results will be of course, it will be workable with a 56K modem. I would recommend not using a large resolution on the monitor like 1024x768. It makes for easier viewing, but if you can get the work done with a lower resolution, then you'll get a better response time. Another tip: make sure that background images are not transfered (you set this up in the preferences). I find that this saves a lot of time. Also ensure that there are only necessary files on the desktop if you're controling a Mac. This will cut down the time needed to redraw the desktop when needed. I also use small icons on the desktop to speed things up a little more.

I consider Timbuktu one of those programs that I can't live without.


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Jerry agrees

We couldn't live without TB2 but I gotta tell you, don't mess with the finder while transferring files. TB2 will often hang the system, sometimes forever.

TB2 is also the most common cause of crashing servers here and I speak from years of experience over many versions of the MacOS and TB2 on many different Macs. But then again, we gotta have it!


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This topic is 8324 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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