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Multiple concurrent users thru web

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I have a couple of databases running on FMP5 Unlimited, on Win NT4.0. FMP5 cache set to 9999.

I have several scripts written in FMP5 to email lists of people that are triggered from web events. These scripts take several minutes to complete. While one of these scripts is running, access to the other databases is halted until the scripts complete. Also, if i do a time intensive search on one database, access to the others seems to be suspended until the long search completes. Shouldn't FMP5 be capable of more than one web operation at one time? This is why I bought the unlimited package.

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Scripts are not for web.

Do everything in calcolating fields.

If the script is running more than 0.5-1sec, you will experience your problems.

The WebCompanion is in fact single user as is it's engine.

If you need more power, use cluster of RAIC.

The Unlimited mean no limitation in number of IP connecting to FM

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