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web form to database problem

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I have a form on a web page that feeds a FMPro5/Mac database. There is a textarea on the form where users are supposed to paste their resumes. However - if the resume is more than a page and a half of plain text, the user gets the following error message:

"An unexpected error occurred: Couldn't find database name in POST arguments."

I have tested this extensively using an html page with only the textarea at the following URL: http://www.successusaonline.com/postmyresume_fat2.html

The problem is NOT the presence of the database name in the POST arguement because one page of plain text will work fine but a few lines more breaks the functionality. Keep in mind that most users will be providing resumes of 3 or more pages.

The FM ISP explains this as a sort of transmission error where there is so much information being sent the connection times out (my expression) before the entire form - and the POST argument - can be seen by the server. The ISP also believes there is a limit to the number of characters the Web Companion will take over an internet connection. While these seem reasonable, my customer wants the form to work the way he wants it to work.

Is this a limitation in FMPro5? Is there a preference or control setting somewhere that will help? How can I fix this?

TIA any helpful advice.


Josh Lucchesi

(direct email responses appreciated - [email protected])

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Anatoli -

Thanks for your reply.

First let me apologize for multiple posts. I was not sure the best place for my question and I was unaware that FM Forums had the same readers as Filemaker Cafe. I need a solution and I am likely to post my question to every available source before until I find one...I have no choice.

Your reply is encouraging. The meaning I can extract is that web companion has no inherent data size limits. So the issue is with the server or possible bandwidth or file type?

Have you tried the test page I mentioned (http://www.successusaonline.com/postmyresume_fat2.html) ?



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This topic is 8334 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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